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      We Enjoy the Privilege of Building Relationships While Building Dreams

      Micheli Construction

      (719) 568-6875
      Pueblo, CO 81005
      Construction Worker Working With Tape Measure

      Detailed Home & Office Renovations

      Get the overhaul you need with complete home and office renovations from Micheli Construction in Pueblo, Colorado. We perform thorough renovation work to leave your building looking magnificent.

      Transform Your Property

      At Micheli Construction, we believe that every home or business should be glamorous. That is why we provide professional-quality renovation services at competitive prices. Customize your home or office to your heart’s content. We build custom homes to suit any personality. Our renovation services include:

      • Custom Homes
      • Garages
      • Basements
      • Commercial Buildings
      • Concrete
      • Kitchens

      Contact us to have your property stand out from the crowd with our office and home renovations.